a rockin’ morning

i can’t believe the second race of the track shack series is already over?! this year is just flying right on by, which means my first marathon is that much closer (less than 20 days away)! hard to believe. but this past weekend’s race was a blast – i always love the battle of the bands 5k. i mean you definitely can’t go wrong with having live bands along the race route – especially since i never run with headphones, so the music was a great change of pace for me.

going into this race, i had set a running strategy to best prepare…don’t get hurt and have fun. i know, seems pretty simple – but with my marathon so close, i am definitely playing it safe with these race days. slow and steady, averaging an 11:00 minute pace – it was exactly what i needed as i taper off before october 7th! and even though i took more of an easy pace, florida did not want to cooperate with the weather plan – with about 90 degree heat and 98% humidity. definitely not the best running conditions. just praying that we have a bit of a cool front while we are in chicago. i am so ready for some cooler temperatures!

the countdown is on. and even though i am approaching my big goal for the year, i am already thinking about my upcoming goal post marathon: focus on shorter distances and improve my speed. ultimately, i’d like to break a 28 minute 5k and probably going to shoot for that during my 5k race in january. you can never have a shortage of goals – and honestly, that’s what continues to drive me with running!

a huge thank you to track shack for putting on a fantastic race and always supporting this incredible running community. cannot wait until the lake nona 5k in a couple short weeks.

until next time

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