under 70 days, what?!

under 70 days until the chicago marathon! i swear, i blink and we are 10+ days closer. thankfully, i’ve gotten out of my mental training slump – and yesterday i was able to get 7 more miles under my belt. i think having a mini vacation in the middle of training definitely helped with getting back on the “training train.”

sometimes i still can’t believe that i decided to go down this path – to push myself to a point that i never thought i’d ever get to – but i am glad that i did. sometimes life is about getting out of your comfort zones and trying something new. and trust me, running 26.2 is DEFINITELY out of my comfort zone. the training so far hasn’t been easy, but then i remember the journey and how far i’ve already come.

now hopefully my upcoming 18 mile run feels as good as my run did yesterday. granted i am definitely hoping for not as much humidity, but who am i kidding i live in florida and it’s summertime! i know i am ready physically ready for the distance, but definitely starting to mentally prepare – especially since i’ve never run this distance before. and outside of training for a marathon, i can’t believe that the track shack running series is already approaching us – only a few short weeks away. it’s crazy how quickly time flies by, but i cannot wait to see the orlando running community out in full force!

be sure to check out my team bright pink page to read more about why i decided to choose bright pink as my “chicago marathon charity,” with a link out to donate to this great cause.

until next time

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