#starwarshalf 2018 recap

never tell me the odds.

i finally earned my millennium falcon medal?! i was seriously so giddy when i got that medal handed to me post-race. and this morning ended up being such a great race. luckily the weather held out for us today, as i was really worried since thunderstorms were initially in the forecast. and while it still ended up being humid, we at least had a bit of a breeze and lower temperatures than normal for an april day in florida.

now, in my last post i mentioned that i had hoped that i could potentially match or beat my personal best. but after a pretty solid first 9 miles of the race, i wasn’t quite able to keep up the pace throughout the rest of the race. and for me, i am just incredibly proud that i listened to my body and didn’t push myself too hard. sometimes i get into that mentality, but i’ve more recently realized / remembered that i am running for fun and to stay healthy. and hey, i even was able to make a few picture stops along the way. and sometimes those moments are too good to miss. and while i didn’t PR or meet my best time this race, i am still extremely happy with my results – finishing with a net time of 2:32:39. a great kick start to my upcoming training for chicago.

and the best part about today, we had an incredible showing from team golf with seven members running the race today. and everyone did such an incredible job, even some PRs within the group. for me, i always love sharing those moments with others, and the entire group was just so supportive of one another. i mean, you can’t really ask for anything more!

congratulations to all of the runners to ran the star wars half marathon – the dark side today! next up, some shorter races, ultimately leading up to the big one: the chicago marathon!

until next time

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