love & squalor

our latest “the grand tour” wine shipment has taken us from europe back to the good ol’ united states. and this time, we are exploring the wines from the beautiful state of oregon. now, i’ve had a few oregon wines previously, but never really explored too much outside of the pinot noir variety – so i am really excited to try some of the other varietals from the region. but with that being said, for our first wine we decided to crack into the pinot noir within the shipment, the 2015 love & squalor. yep, typical to stick with what you know first.

to me, pinot noir is a great staple in any house…light and easy to drink. and this one fit that description perfectly, being described in our handout as “perfecting showcasing what oregon pinot is all about; approachable, easy-drinking fruit, noted with textured, earthy & herbal driven undertones.” literally the first thing that we said after trying this wine was “it’s so smooth.” and while it’s noted that some favorite pairings include mushroom risotto, crockpot chili and more…we decided to drink this easy-going wine by itself. truly a perfect wine that we ended up enjoying on saturday evening.

be sure to check out more from portland wine company (the home of love & squalor), and if you’re interested in touring the world through wine, i highly recommend investing in the grand tour by verve wine!

until next time

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