marathonfest saturdays

hello saturday running! i was so excited to attend my first orlando track shack marathonfest session this morning in winter park, as i missed the first couple weekend runs due to travel and already scheduled races. and wow, what an incredible time. all of the people that i met this morning were absolutely wonderful and welcoming, especially to a newbie of the group. the best thing about this program is that we are actually all assigned to pace groups with runners of a similar pace for all of our upcoming races that we are training for, especially some of the big half and full marathons coming up.

and i landed in the 7 minute run / 1 minute walk group, which was perfect as i am planning to run intervals this entire year. while i’ve been starting with 5 minutes / 1 minute, this interval ended up being great this morning. i felt really good throughout the entire run, which is fantastic news since i have my virtual star wars half marathon coming up in two weeks AND i haven’t really run a long distance since the ouc half marathon back in december. and today, i ended up running 8.46 miles and averaged an 11:39 minute pace. perfect for what i am targeting for chicago later this year. and the best part (which writing out seems kind of funny), i loved that i didn’t really know what the route was. it allowed me to just follow my group, and focus on my running. i admit, sometimes i can get into my own mind, especially when i run routes that i am typically used to.

i cannot wait for future runs with this group. but up next: back-to-back race weekend with the run 4 love 4 miler and the star wars virtual half marathon.

until next time



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