journey with enzo

over this past holiday weekend, keith and i decided to “take a journey with enzo” at disney springs. many of you are probably wondering what that means, so let me explain. recently, a few new restaurants opened up at disney springs: enzo’s hideaway and maria and enzo’s ristorante. so naturally, when we checked out one of the new locations…we had to check out the other.

we have been so excited for enzo’s hideaway to open. like the edison, we’ve seen the construction continue and to finally be able to visit this location is incredible. and we were lucky enough to visit enzo’s hideaway only 3 days after it officially opened. deciding to visit for a quick drink, the atmosphere was fantastic (note: the bar filled up really quickly and we arrived right at opening, 5:00pm). as we entered the restaurant, it truly felt like we were going into a secret location, which really holds true to the speak-easy vibe. and i know keith really enjoyed the couple drinks he had…each a spin on an original classic – the scottish connection and the hazelnut old fashioned. he definitely got some inspiration to try making some new drinks back at home too! while we only had drinks, i know we will definitely be going back to this location to try out the food – the menu looks delicious.

and as our journey continued, we ended up at maria and enzo’s for dinner. for some reason, it just seemed like a no brainer for the evening. and luckily we were able to walk right in and get seated at our “gate” almost immediately. now i loved the theming of this restaurant. it reminded me a lot of the movie “catch me if you can,” which is one of my favorites. and everything was delicious. we started off with the chef’s selection meat and cheese board, and then i decided on the chicken parmigiana (which i swear was as big as the plate). keith ultimately decided on the n’caciata al forno, which was a classic sicilian layered baked pasta. and after hearing the dessert options, we couldn’t say no! so in true italian fashion, we decided each on a shot of espresso; with keith selecting the enzo’s torta (chocolate and mascarpone cheesecake) and i decided on affogato di vesuvio (gelato with espresso and chocolate whipped cream). needless to say, we were on cloud nine after our desserts!

have you all visited these locations yet? what have been some of your favorites?

until next time

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