#ucanfinish 2017

another race has come and gone. it always amazes me how quickly those days go by…and then it’s on to the next race to train for. and this past weekend was yet another great race from track shack. i still can’t believe that we are half way through the running series. unfortunately, my sickness from earlier in the week did not go away (actually ended up being a little worse), but i didn’t want to miss the race especially with OUC coming up really soon.

now with being sick, i didn’t really have any expectations of my race performance – my main goal was really just go finish the race. so as the race kicked off, i decide to try a new running strategy – run 10 minutes, walk 1 minute. and looking back, it actually worked out better than i anticipated – though the last mile, i had to take a few more walk breaks. by having a consistent strategy it allowed me to keep a quicker pace while running, and also giving myself enough rest. definitely going to be a running strategy i’ll look into as i continue to run more half marathons…and potentially a marathon (yep, i entered the chicago marathon lottery). but i won’t get ahead of myself, back to the 5 mile race. i ended up averaging a 9:40 pace, finishing at 5.12 miles (unofficial garmin watch time and distance). officially, i finished 23rd in my age group at 49:26…so not too shabby! and it ended up being a nice cool morning, which to me is the BEST running weather. so, overall a great morning – especially since i got to share the race day with some great friends.

but now, in the meantime, get over this sickness (found out it’s bronchitis) and get proper rest before getting back into training for OUC.

until next time

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