mileage payback

“the road seems shorter when shared with a friend.”

as many of you may remember, when the walt disney world half marathon was cancelled in january, i still decided to get my miles in to say that i completed the half marathon and earn my medal. well that run would not have been possible without the help of my dearest friend, who decided to run all 13.1 miles with me to ensure that i pushed through and had company during my race.

and now, it’s my turn to return the favor…i like to call it mileage payback. i had planned to run this morning, but really had no idea how many miles, where i would run…basically no details or plan whatsoever. but when my friend texted me yesterday asking about my running plans, it seemed like the sign that i needed. now granted, i definitely did NOT complete the full mileage she did today, a long 18 mile run, but i did have the opportunity to accompany her during an approximate 5 mile stretch. sticking with a nice easy pace, it was so awesome getting to run through the trails with a friend. and while i do like running alone on occasion, having the extra company definitely helps with motivation to keep going. heck, i probably ran longer today because of that motivation than i would’ve if i ran alone?! honestly, i need to get back into the swing of some longer distance too, especially with the OUC half marathon creeping up quicker than i realize. it’s amazing how time likes to escape away from us and before we know it, we will be in the month of december.

but, only 8.5 miles left of mileage payback and hopefully next time i can stick around for a little longer. i can’t believe that the track shack celebration of running 5k is only 2 weeks away! who else is joining in on the fun to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the store and running series? i’m not going to lie, i am pretty excited about the race shirt and medal…they look AWESOME!

until next time

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