a feast for friends

any game of thrones fans out there? well, let me tell you – i didn’t jump on the train until a few months ago, but ever since i started the show i’ve been hooked. and thankfully, a ton of our friends are super fans as well – which leads to extremely fun sunday gatherings – celebrating the show through a feast, drinks and then finally watching the new episode.

and this past sunday was our turn to host the crew. wanting to have a theme for the evening, we chose “targaryen” – fire and blood. so with that came decorations…yes, we ended up purchasing the targaryen house sigil banner for our house. honestly, i won’t be surprised if we end up with the lannister and stark banners by the end of the season. and on top of that, utilizing my scrapbooking skills, i made some cute framed quotes for the evening. the first featuring “fire and blood” for house targaryen, and a second featuring “a lannister always pays his debts” – paired with chocolate gold coins. again, i’m sure this collection will continue to grow as the season continues. what can i say, we like to be festive?!

but on to one of the most important parts of a gathering…food and drinks! with hosting a game of thrones party, it was a no brainer to us that we needed to have a charcuterie and cheese board out for everyone to snack on as they arrived. i don’t know what it is about charcuterie, but we seem to find it as a perfect solution for most meals. and for the main course, we stayed consistent with the rustic theme – dry rub coated chicken, bratwurst with a side of butter and dill coated roasted red potatoes. and let me tell you, i don’t know how we did it, but this meal ended up turning out better than we could’ve imagined. we typically have this meal often as a couple, but i think we finally have the recipes down to a science – practice makes perfect, right?! and honestly, it was extremely fun getting some help from our friends to ensure that this night was a success. may i add, one of our friends made some espresso chocolate brownies…can you say heavenly! and paired with vanilla ice cream, we definitely covered the theme of fire and ice. i seriously still wish we had some left…absolutely mouthwatering of a dessert.

and to finish the meal (well technically coincide), we opened up the official game of thrones red blend wine. a blend of six varietals, this wine is described as more of a petite sirah and zinfandel focus of a blend. and was it delicious…especially paired with our dessert choice of the evening.

i hope this inspires some of you game of thrones fans to host a feast of your own.

until next time


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