running through the trail

“don’t follow the path, blaze the trail.”

happy sunday everyone! well, my training continues as the start of the track shack race series gets closer. it’s seriously hard to believe that we are in the middle of july already…where does the time go? and for me, it’s been a hot minute since i’ve ran a longer distance (well anything longer than a mile or two), so yesterday i decided to journey out on the west orange trail in winter garden for a 4 mile run and get that distance cranking again. and i figure, why not go over the mileage for my first race (5k)…that way i am also getting some double duty training for my upcoming half in december. and who knows, maybe that will mean that the 5k distance will feel like a piece of cake. but we all know better than that, as i swear each day of running is completely different.

and while it was a beautiful day to be outside, the florida sunshine loves to play mind tricks on you. i seriously need to learn to get up a little early to avoid some of that beautiful florida sunshine everyone loves so much, oh and not forget my water bottle (rookie move)! but all in all, i was really pleased with my run – averaging a 10:43 minute pace. i ended up run-walking a little bit, just due to some overheating and time since i’ve completed 4 miles…but hey, everyone has to start back somewhere and i thought it was a great kick start. and wow, the views during this run?! i even had to stop just to get a picture of the peacefulness of the trail – absolutely beautiful.

but many more miles to go, and only a month until track shack’s celebration of running 5k.

interested in the running the race, or signing up to be a track shack fanatic? visit to learn more.

until next time

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