last #wdwhalf training run

last #wdwhalf training
last #wdwhalf training

well, the last training run has been completed for #wdwhalf. and thankfully, praying to the weather gods has helped a little bit already since the chance of thunderstorms has decreased a bit for saturday. now if we could just put up a weather bubble over disney, that would be awesome. if only we could do that?! on the bright side, with this rain coming, at least the temperatures will drop a bit – i always love running in cooler weather rather than the normal florida heat.

but down to the running…yesterday was my last day for a training run prior to saturday morning. this run was more so just to keep my legs moving, and not really focus on time. with that being said, i felt absolutely great yesterday and had a kick butt training run – now i just need to carry that into race day (i will PR, i will PR). completing just a quick 2 miler, i was inspired by my excitement for this half marathon throughout the run – visualizing the race in my head. i don’t know what it is, but i’m so ready to get this race started – maybe it’s because it’s the first race of the year.

here’s to hoping the weather holds up. check back for a post-race update.

until next time

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