running goals 2017

like anyone, starting a new year means settings goals. and for me, in particular, that means more running goals for 2017. as some of you may have followed last year, it was my challenge to complete a race every month of 2016. and while that was an incredible challenge, this year is focused on more milestones and longer mileage.

running goals

  • run five (5) half marathons
  • hit a personal record: under 2:30 half marathon
  • enter the lottery for the 2018 chicago marathon
  • sign up for the 2018 star wars: light side and star wars: dark side half marathons

thankfully i’m already signed up for four (4) half marathons in 2017 – just have to find that last one. i’m currently signed up for the following:

  • wdw half marathon
  • celebration half marathon
  • star wars: the dark side half marathon
  • ouc half marathon

here’s to new challenges and goals.

until next time

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