win some, lose some

4 mile training run
#wdwhalf – 4 mile training run

well, the training progresses and as the title states – you win some and you lose some. this past sunday, i definitely lost a little bit during my run. i initially was planning to go out for a 6 mile run, but due to the extreme heat and runner’s stomach – i ended up having to cut the run short by 2 miles. and while i know 4 miles is still a great training run, it was a slight defeated moment.

but with every challenge comes a positive – or at least i always try to at least find one positive during a run (even if it wasn’t my best). and for this particular run, i was pleased that i was still able to stay under my target average pace of 11:00 minutes/mile – and that was even with a rough mile 2 to 3. i think that’s really the only way to stay motivated. we will all have a good and bad days, but it’s what we take from those runs. granted, i still need to complete my 6 mile run prior to my race – but i can use this as a learning tool for next time. asking the questions: could i have pushed through, what did i change the day before? our bodies are like clock work and it’s important to realize that especially as you go out and run – something that i’ve learned from my great running friend.

here’s to a few more training runs prior to #wdwhalf. i can’t believe the race weekend is only 14 days away.

until next time

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