#wdwhalf training begins

#wdwhalf training run - 1
#wdwhalf training run 1

well, it’s off to the races again. it’s hard to believe that the walt disney world marathon weekend is ONLY 42 days away. i know that seems like a while, but in running time those days will fly by quickly. and last night was my first run post #winedinehalf – i know, it was a little bit of time to not run but my body needed to rest. and wow, i am glad that i did. not only does this training cycle lead me into the #wdwhalf but i also have a goal that i want to hit while running the half marathon in january.

what is that goal? well, ultimately i would love to hit a time of 2:20 – but overall the main goal is to break the 2:30 mark. i was so close during the star wars half marathon – the dark side at 2:33, so i’m hoping that with a little more training at a quicker pace that i will be able to accomplish that goal in january. and that quicker training began last night with a short 2 mile run – the perfect distance to get back into the swing of things. averaging a 9:58 pace, i felt really great during the run. now i just have to hope that i feel that great all the time, which i know is unrealistic but a girl can dream. with the race approaching quickly, i definitely have to ramp up my training runs soon – hoping to complete a 9 mile run at the beginning of december that way i can taper as necessary. and on top of all the training, i ended up signing up for the celebration half marathon at the end of january – talk about a lot of running. at least that race with be with a group of incredible friends who push me everyday to get through my runs, especially when one of my friends is a complete rock star with running.

be sure to check back and follow my journey to #wdwhalf.

until next time

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