tiffins – animal kingdom

yesterday we were extremely fortunate enough to get a reservation at the new restaurant in disney’s animal kingdom, tiffins (thanks to a good friend). upon entering, you are suddenly surrounded by all the travels and adventures that actually inspired the creation of disney’s animal kingdom. and being that i remember when this theme park opened in 1998, it was truly incredible to see all of the artwork, sketches and journals displayed for all of us to see.

seated in the grand gallery dining room, we were very anxious to see what would be on the menu. like the atmosphere of the restaurant, the menu was also inspired by the world travels of the park’s creators – highlighting selections from europe, south america and africa. in addition to that, the wine list is actually one that focuses on environmentality – a core value of disney’s animal kingdom. when you visit, you can definitely tell that there was a lot of thought put behind the concept of this dining experience.

kpsquared selections
kaiken terroir series, cabernet sauvignon, argentina, 2012

wagyu strip loin and brasied short rib
rainbow carrot, roasted peruvian potatoes, chimichurri

berbere-spiced lamb chop
mustard greens, lentil stew, tomato-mint chutney

south american chocolate ganache
caramelized banana, cocoa nib tuile

sorbet tasting
kaffir lime syrup, passion fruit curd, crunchy vanilla crouton

both of our entrees were completely mouth-watering and perfectly cooked. and with my love for sorbet, the tasting exactly hit the spot for me. while keith’s ganache selection paired perfectly with our delicious cabernet sauvignon blend. if you are at disney’s animal kingdom, don’t miss your chance to try out this fantastic restaurant. also, don’t forget that disney’s animal kingdom now offers nighttime experiences that you won’t want to miss.

until next time

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