oviedo memorial 5k race

happy memorial day weekend. i’d say that i kicked off this weekend with a bang, running the inaugural oviedo memorial 5k. definitely an early start to the day considering oviedo is about 45 minutes from where i live, AND the fact that my directions ended up taking me to a house instead of the oviedo park – this morning was anything but dull. thankfully i left early and ended up getting there in just enough time to pick up my packet, complete a quick stretch and start the race. whoa!

now, i am a firm believer that any run is really just a competition against yourself. for me, i just want to improve on my previous run and see the progression made each and every day (even if it’s isn’t a time improvement). however i am proud to say that i did complete my personal goal today to finish under 29 minutes. i couldn’t believe it – hard work and dedication definitely does end up paying off.

official results: 27:15.2
official results: 27:15.2

and with any race, i love how they always support a greater cause. for this particular event, all of the proceeds will benefit local veterans organizations and scholarship fund. how awesome, especially with memorial day right around the corner. i also was able to log some charity miles during today’s 5k supporting a program called achilles international. achilles international supports such an incredible cause with it’s mission being to enable people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream running events. they even have specialized programs like the achilles freedom team which serves wounded military personnel and veterans – just incredible work they are doing. and if you haven’t gone out to a race to watch these athletes, put it on your must see list. it is absolutely amazing.

i hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.

until next time

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