slate – happy hour


it’s no surprise that keith and i love slate – orlando. and last night we were able to introduce my best friend and her boyfriend to this wonderful place. now while we only intended on going to slate – orlando for a quick happy hour, that quickly changed when we decided to look at the full menu. we couldn’t resist, everything is so delicious. it also didn’t hurt that (in my opinion) we had the best seat in the house, sitting right along the open kitchen bar. however that spot certainly made us hungry since we were sitting right where the food was being made (most often desserts too).

happy hour top picks 

cabernet sauvignon, broadside, paso robles, california, 2013

green ipa

seasonal g & t
seasonally infused aviation gin & jack rudy small batch tonic
featured flavors: coffee & orange, blueberry

slate meatballs
pork, veal, beef, basil oil, parmesan

herbed ricotta, arugula, blistered tomatoes, artichoke, ciabatta

dinner and dessert top picks

pepperoni pizza
marinara, mozzarella, oregano

smoked brisket
chili-brown sugar rub, apple jalapeno puree, grilled baby carrots

handcut frites with gribiche

peach bourbon tres leches with rhubarb compote

after this wonderful happy hour, the group decided that we needed to make this a weekly occurrence. something that i know we will definitely hold true to – especially now that we’ve found a place that we all absolutely love.

read more about slate – orlando here: slate – orlando website

until next time

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