the art of running

i can’t believe we are already into the month of may. just in time for the hot florida sunshine, which definitely makes it challenging to figure out a time to go running. pretty much either early morning, or late in the evening. thankfully yesterday morning was a little bit cooler, so we were able to start our run around 8:30am. and being the disney kids we are, we wanted to try a new route on disney property since there are so many new balance sponsored locations.

the verdict?! the running trail around hourglass lake which connects disney’s art of animation and pop century resorts. now since we haven’t run around this lake before, we practically had to run on the fly and figure out what 3 miles would equate to on this route. it ended up being a great 5k – starting with a lap around the lake, crossing the generation gap bridge (repeat that) and end up finishing the run through the in’s and out’s of disney’s art of animation resort. i’m not going to lie, i got pretty excited when we ran through the lion king and finding nemo sections of the resort. seeing larger than life characters can always put me in a great mood, especially while running.

and…keith got another pr on this run, averaging a 10:49 minute pace.

courtesy of garmin connect

now that we’ve completed this route, we decided to make it one of our routes for the runDisney virtual running shorts series. yes, we are going to run all of our races on disney property. i mean it only makes sense.

only 5 more days until the start of the series: learn more here

until next time

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