perfect date night


it’s always a nice feeling when you go to a place enough times and the people start to recognize you. and that is definitely starting to happen at slate – orlando. a kpsquared favorite, we always enjoy a nice and relaxing date night at this wonderful place. and that is exactly what we decided to do on sunday night – the calm before the storm of the work week.

so, we took a seat in our favorite spot and decided to try a few new things instead of our normal selections. (WARNING: be prepared to get hungry)

kpsquared date night picks 

vietti, barbera d’asti tre vigne, piedmont, italy, ’13

pimento cheese hush puppies
jalapeno jelly

flat iron steak
marbled potatoes, asparagus, ramp bernaise

handcut frites with gribiche

strawberry almond shortcake
almond cake, fresh strawberries, fresh cream, sugared almonds

key-lime basil sorbet

i can’t even choose a single favorite from sunday night as everything was just impeccable. i mean you just can’t beat the combination of well prepared (mouth-watering) food, great drinks and a wonderful atmosphere. slate is definitely going to be our new ‘local’ go-to spot.

slate – orlando website

until next time

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