dark side challenge


can i just start with, wow i ran 19.3 miles over the weekend. that’s a sentence i never thought i’d say. i may be moving extremely slowly due to the soreness, but i completed the dark side challenge.

from the expo to the two races, the whole weekend was truly amazing. it doesn’t hurt that i had the best professional spectator out there, keith. let me tell you he went all out with a big alabama flag waving high in the sky, in addition to wearing an incredible stitch hat and gloves for the half marathon. i swear he became a character stop, especially with the flag.
roll tide to my fellow runners!

star wars 10k: 1:12:37
star wars half marathon: 2:33:40

i actually realized from the results that i finished in the top 20% of the females running. how insane is that?! i really was just excited to finish my first half marathon that everything else was icing on the cake. and the support that i’ve had from my friends and family has been spectacular. now i can’t wait to run wine & dine with keith so i can experience his first half marathon with him. and is it crazy that i want to sign up for another one after that?

even though the weekend flew by, i will never forget the special moments from this race. if any of you are on the fence about signing up for a half marathon, take the challenge. it was the best decision i’ve made.

well until next time


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