13.1 emotions of the #starwarshalf


wow, that weekend was a blur. i can’t believe my first half marathon has come and gone. now everyone told me that throughout the race i would feel a roller coaster of emotions. they weren’t kidding. so in honor of running my first 13.1 miles, below are my 13.1 emotions from the star wars half marathon – the dark side.

#1: oh my goodness, what did i sign myself up for?
#2: ok, can’t back out now…we’re starting!
#3: nice and easy to start.
#4: man, i’m feeling amazing. i can do this!
#5: how big is this animal kingdom parking lot?
#6: oh crap, i’ve hit a wall.
#7: inclines ahead, noooooo!
#8: alright, back into my groove.
#9: i’m never doing one of these again.
#10: wait, i’ve already signed up for wine & dine.
#11: oh i see keith, 1 mile to go.
#12: is this finish ever gonna get here?
#13: i finished, that was awesome!
#13.1: check out this sweet bling.

check back tomorrow for my full race weekend update.

until next time

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