rose & crown


one of my favorite places in world showcase at epcot is rose & crown. always a stop on our adventure around the world, this pub offers a variety of beers (all from the united kingdom region of course) and some delicious grub. the ‘chips’ are always a favorite of mind, especially with a lot of malt vinegar on top. makes me hungry just thinking about it.

kpsquared* favorite
boddingtons pub ale
known for it’s golden color, smooth body and distinctive creamy taste

another benefit for all of you who have tables in wonderland, our 20% discount works here – even just at the bar! one of the many perks about the program. and i can tell you, it definitely comes in handy when traveling with big groups around the world.

learn about tables in wonderland

stay tuned for more favorites around world showcase.


*conveniently keith & i both have kp as initials

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