12+ races in 12 months


well, we are half way into april and i came to this awesome realization that i’ve run a race every month so far this year (sometimes two in one). it’s truly amazing to look back and see the progress that i’ve made over the course of just a few months. starting with averaging over 11 minutes, to now being consistently averaging a 9:30 pace. hopefully all of that training and preparation helps this weekend for my first half marathon (the goal is to keep a consistent 11 minute pace). i’m not going to lie nerves and excitement are starting to roll into the same emotion.

so…the challenge
run at least one race per month in 2016
12+ races in 12 months

i really think this is a realistic goal and something that i can look back on and be extremely proud of. i mean, i never thought that i’d be running this much after all of my knee surgeries. that’s an accomplishment within itself.

is anyone else up for the challenge? i’d love to hear from all of you, so comment with your latest challenge, goal or accomplishment. we are in this together.

happy training

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