disney cruise planning


we finally paid off our cruise. now time for the fun stuff, the planning.

now, we really aren’t planning to do many excursions for this particular cruise since it’s only a 3 night adventure. however, that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to have some fun while on the ship. i mean have you seen the amenities on the disney dream…incredible! i’ve actually been on this ship once, but this is keith’s first disney cruise. and i can’t wait to get him hooked. yearly vacation?! i think we can make that happen. i mean i am a gold castaway club member…i need to get that status to platinum.

but in all seriousness, i’m really just extremely excited to go on this vacation with my love (technically our one year celebration). and no better way to celebrate than by relaxing on our cabin balcony drinking some wine, and potentially a nice spa day at the senses spa on the ship. clearly i have this all mapped out in my mind.

really between the shows, dinners and entertainment there is so much to do. now let’s start all of this planning.

until next time

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