scrapbook therapy


people have their stress relievers – cooking, cleaning, maybe even shopping, but for me it’s scrapbooking. it’s something that i’ve been doing for many years – dating all the way back to high school. to me, scrapbooking is a way that i can truly capture all of the memories i’ve created over the years. and instantly when i look back at the books and/or frames i’ve made, i’m instantly taken back to those moments. it’s really a fulfilling experience.

lately i’ve been creating scrapbook frames for friends, family and many others – i’ve found it’s a wonderful and memorable gift. and really, i just want others to experience what i feel when i look back at pictures. it’s a very personal moment because it helps you reflect on the things you’ve experienced in life.

when making these i try to capture the essence of the person. colors, patterns, quotes…all of it is truly thought about when making these frames. that’s the best part – you can customize them! the frame (pictured above) is actually one i created for keith’s office. as you can see i picked some of my favorite pictures of us – ones that i knew would create those special moments for him as well. the result…success (especially using one of our favorite themes, gatsby)! it always puts a smile on my face when i see the reactions of those who i’ve given frames to…it’s the best feeling.

be on the lookout for more scrapbook creations
find all my latest creations here
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