professional spectator


over the last year, i’ve really become quite good at being a professional spectator at running events. from traveling to chicago to new york and even locally, i’ve always loved supporting my friends on their race day adventures. with that comes extreme motivation to then complete a race myself. hence why i originally signed up for my first 1/2 marathon while spectating at the chicago marathon.

now this past weekend i was able to watch a few people i know run the disney princess 1/2 marathon – and man does it get me excited for my 1/2 marathon in april. so excited that i decided to transfer my race registration from just the 1/2 marathon to the dark side challenge while at the expo since they had some last minute openings. brilliant i know since i’ve never run a 1/2 marathon but decide that i’m going to run a 10k and 1/2 in one weekend. what was i thinking?!

i think it really speaks to the environment of these running events. it’s not about where you place, but truly the experience. that is what i’m most excited about. after watching my best friend complete two marathons last year, it made me realize that i want to have that feeling of accomplishment…to do something i never thought i’d do.

so here’s to many miles of ‘magical’ training.
until next time

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