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i’ve never been much of a long distance runner in my life, but my best friend has been a huge inspiration for me in that department. she is an incredible runner – so naturally when i was in chicago watching her run the marathon last year, i decided to sign up for the star wars: dark side half marathon. i have always loved running – but unfortunately from gymnastics i’ve had 4 knee surgeries so my body doesn’t like running at times. but i have my goal in sight, so i carry on.

this morning, keith and i ran the run4love race up in winter park, florida. we’ve recently dedicated ourselves to living a healthier lifestyle, which has included more running. and hey, it helps with my training so WIN-WIN. it’s been a couple years since keith ran a race, so in honor of valentine’s day i am compiling the 14 emotions of keith’s race day experience…

#1: It’s too early to run.
#2: Where’s all my safety pins?! I can’t wear this bib with only 3.
#3: What?! I have to walk back to the car to put this packet away.
#4: Stretch it out.
#5: Alright let’s do this…get out of the way people!
#6: Alright feeling good…1st mile without stopping.
#7: Wait I’m running why does my shoulder hurt?
#8: Ugh, now my shins are killing me.
#9: Yay we’re halfway…oh crap we’re only halfway.
#10: Oh look water!
#11: Oh man I should not have ate that banana.
#12: 1 mile left, why am I feeling dizzy.
#13: Alright…quarter of a mile out we are running the rest of the way.

until next time.

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