hello, it’s me


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hello, it’s me…kassi (aka kp). and those two fabulous people in this picture with me, well they are my best friend (the blonde to my brunette) and my wonderful boyfriend. i’m pretty grateful to have such amazing people in my life – there to keep my head above water and realize that we should take life day by day, moment by moment. as my best friend likes to tell me…we are just weeds in the wind.

it’s really a very different mentality for me as i’ve always been a huge planner (for everything). but you see, that planning has helped me evolve into the person i am today. growing up i had a very hectic schedule due to being an elite level gymnast on the usa national team. between school, training and traveling across the world to compete for my country – i always had to have my time precisely planned out. fortunately all of that hard work paid off and i earned a full athletic scholarship to the university of alabama – where i double majored in marketing & advertising; then later graduated with my masters in sport management. and you know the greatest part?! i wouldn’t change my life for the world. because you see, that mentality has driven me into the life i live today – helping me stay driven and dedicated to my passion and dreams.

so why did i decide to start a blog? well this has been something in the making for several years. i’ve always been a very creative and crafty person and that’s ultimately how this got started. i wanted to be able to share all of the things i’m truly passionate about and love. ultimately things that make me happy. so be prepared for a variety of posts varying from fun disney spots, wine recommendations, to scrapbooking/crafting and much more. we are all on this journey together and i hope everyone enjoys!


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