track shack season is here

woohoo, we have officially kicked off the track shack running series! i can’t believe the first race is already over. but holy smokes, the orlando running community came out in full force yesterday morning – truly embracing the theme of the race “celebration of running.” it’s always so fun to see old friends and meet new people. i’ve always said, the orlando running community is one of the best out there. there is always so much support from fellow runners and spectators alike. and yesterday was no different.

now, it was definitely a hot one – with what seemed to be 100% humidity. and honestly, my only goal for the race was to stay healthy and take it easy. with the chicago marathon quickly approaching, i definitely didn’t want to take any risks – especially with my 20 mile run coming up soon. and that’s exactly what i did, although i definitely went quicker than i anticipated (i guess that competitive rush kicked in a little bit). during my training i’ve been staying consistently around that 11-12 minute pace, and utilizing the galloway method with 3 minute run and 1 minute walk. now for this run, i kept with my run-walk method but somehow i ended up finishing under a 10 minute pace (overall 30:51). i was extremely surprised especially with what my interval cadence was during the run. but hey, i guess it just proves that even with training at a slower pace – i still can keep up with a bit of speed, which is exciting since post marathon i am going to be focusing more on improving my 5k times.

and on top of a great race, i was so excited to be representing team track shack again for a second year. the group from track shack has really become part of my running family and i could not be more thankful. i’ve met some truly incredible people and the amount of inspiration that i get from this group…i can’t even put it into words.

the SMRPs of team track shack
the SMRPs of team track shack

but, the second race will be here before we know it. who else is going to join us for the battle of the bands 5k?

until next time

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