running for a cause

merry christmas, happy holidays! i can’t believe that christmas has already come and gone…it amazes me how quickly time is just flying by. and after a little hiatus from running over the holidays, i decided to take a quick stroll around my hometown this morning to start my training again. especially for a BIG running year ahead for me. as some of you may have seen, i decided to run my very first (and probably only) marathon in 2018. i still can’t believe it?! and the fact that it is the chicago marathon…i don’t think it could get any better! and with running the chicago marathon, also comes running for an important cause, breast and ovarian cancer awareness.

so as i embarked on my quick mile run this morning, i thought to myself…even though i am “technically” only running with team bright pink for the chicago marathon – why can’t i dedicate this year entirely to running for this cause. so that is exactly what i am doing. i always love doing things with a purpose and now each time i go out to run, i will be running for all of the warriors out there who are (or were) affected by breast or ovarian cancer. and today = day one! completing a quick 1.14 miles around the neighborhood (averaging a 9:41 minute pace), it is officially the start of my training for the upcoming year and to embark on this journey to raise awareness for this cause.

want to give a gift that will impact the lives of others? visit my fundraising page to learn more about why i decided to dedicate this upcoming race year to be bright pink and to donate to this incredible organization (already $710 strong heading into 2018 with a goal of $1750). additional information about the organization is also available at

let’s help raise awareness to support women’s health.

until next time

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