run, darling. run

“running reminds you that even in your weakest moments, you are strong.”

this could not be more apparent than during today’s run. this past friday, some co-workers and i decided to complete a kick butt crossfit workout. and while an awesome workout, i am definitely feeling the second day soreness. and naturally, i felt like i needed to work through that soreness today with a nice, easy and quick run. i guess that’s when you know you are a runner.

and let me tell you, running in the middle of a hot and humid day was not the smartest thing to do…seriously felt like a sauna. but under the heat of 91 degrees, i completed a quick 1.17 mile run – averaging about a 10:15 minute pace. while not my fastest or longest run ever, it was definitely what i needed to get some of this soreness broken up. i know, seems like a weird way to decrease soreness by doing more activity. but nevertheless i got it done. and with the track shack running series coming up, i need to gradually build up my mileage again and focus on training. i seriously can’t believe that the track shack’s celebration of running 5k presented by florida hospital is coming up in about a month, give or take a couple days – but what a fun race to kick off the series. stay tuned for more training updates.

until next time

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