icafé de paris

this past saturday, keith and i (the kpsquared duo) decided to try a new coffee shop at the i-drive 360 area called icafé de paris. located right next to tapa toro, this cafe reminded me a lot of the coffee shops i had seen in europe. featuring delicious specialty coffees, pastries and crepes – icafé de paris is a great change in pace from the normal coffee shops we have on every street corner these days. perfect for a saturday morning date or get together.

 kpsquared choices
double shot of espresso with foam

flat white
espresso with steamed milk

featured: flat white and doppio
featured: flat white and doppio

freshly brewed icafé de paris house blend
paired with a flaky croissant

they also paired every coffee with a small double chocolate chip cookie. locals and orlando visitors, be sure to take a break and relax in the sunshine at this wonderful café. stay tuned for more of my favorite locations around the i-drive 360 area.

until next time

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