collective kindness


several months ago, my best friend and i fell in love with the collective kindness shop at the plant street market in downtown winter garden. this local mother and daughter duo was so incredibly friendly and you could tell that they truly had a passion for candle making and giving back to the community. so when they recently posted on social media about an upcoming candle making class, we knew we had to be involved.

so last night, we made our way over to the plant street market to make our very own candles. needless to say, we were extremely excited and it was exactly what we needed for some relaxation time. my scent of choice, sea salt & lotus blossom, while karina decided on dragon’s blood. we even received a cute card with our name and scent description on it to take home. they definitely didn’t miss the little details.

the whole process was completely fascinating as well. when you hear them talk about the ingredients and process they use, it’s so well thought out. one of my favorite parts about collective kindness is the kindness is priceless project (KIPP) which is their “for purpose” organization designed to give back to the surrounding communities. they use a percentage of each purchase to fund kindness projects each quarter. pretty amazing, right?!

be sure to stop by their shop at the plant street market in winter garden and follow them on their social media outlets. after talking to them last night, there are some incredible flavors coming out in the future.

links to collective kindess – social media
facebook for collective kindness

facebook for KIPP
etsy store
instagram: collective kindness

until next time

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