throwback travel thursday


“traveling. it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

wow, it’s only been a few days since i’ve been back from my vacation and i’m still thinking back to each and every moment of the trip. i guess that’s truly what it’s all about, creating those moments. that’s really why i created this blog (funny how that works).

this trip was such an eye opening experience for me. not because i hadn’t been to europe before, but because i actually got to live and breathe the culture. you see, i traveled over to europe with my best friend and her family and we got to stay with her oma and opa (grandma and grandpa) as they live over in munster. though we experienced some of the ‘tourist’ activities while overseas, a lot of it was about spending time with loved ones and reliving the memories they created when they were younger.

and as someone not coming from that culture, it was amazing to be on the outside looking in. now i may not have understood all of the conversations at the dinner table, but i also got to experience something not many people get to. and that was extremely rewarding.

so if you ever get the chance to travel as a more ‘non-tourist’…do it. you will not regret it.

until next time

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