running around disney


one of the advantages of living near disney is the fact that we are able to on a whim decide to head over to property. so last night, keith and i decided to swing on over to disney for our 2 mile run.

i know you’re thinking, why would you just go over to disney to run?! well disney actually has some great running trails sponsored by new balance all around property.

we decided to tackle the port orleans resorts for this particular run. and wow, what a wonderful quick course. starting at port orleans french quarter, we ran all the way up and around the sassagoula river (running through port orleans riverside) and then back through some of the in’s and out’s of french quarter. it was a perfect route for 2 miles.

AND huge accomplishment last night…keith pr’d and ran the entire 2 miles (obviously you can see this is a proud girlfriend moment). it’s been so wonderful training with him as we push each other to get better each and every time.

if you’re ever at disney, take advantage of these wonderful trails
happy training

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