bachelor and wine, oh my

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every week, my best friend and i have a dinner and wine date to watch our guilty pleasure…the bachelor of course. it just so happens that i’m able to convince my boyfriend to watch it with us. really he doesn’t have much of a choice since it’s recorded at his place (but shhh… don’t tell him that). every week it’s our time to divulge into the world were multiple women are fighting for the bachelor’s heart. but more so, it’s our excuse to drink some vino and escape everyday life.

a little bit about me, i absolutely love wine. i’m part of three different wine club memberships around the country – most recently joining one called naked wines. this particular membership allows you to support up and coming wines/winemakers – and you’re able to interact via the website with these winemakers (really cool concept). if you’ve never heard of it you should check it out, especially if you’re a wine lover like me.

naked wines website

so this week, we decided to try a new wine – a 2013 scott peterson rumpus grenache. this sonoma valley wine was extremely rich and smooth. we paired it with a nice hearty chili that really went well with this full-bodied wine. and man was this bottle gone quickly. if you ever come across this wine – snatch it up…it’s delicious!

until next time.

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