it’s finally fall…

for probably only a few days, but hey?! i will take it. and with cooler temperatures FINALLY comes running in cooler weather. it’s about time. it’s amazing how big of a difference 20 degrees makes during a run – if only every day was like this. and while i didn’t plan a very long run, at least i got to enjoy the good old “cool” outdoors.

while the weather was incredible…my body unfortunately has decided to start getting sick. got to love the great timing before a 5 mile race on sunday, ha. but as much as i wanted to curl up in bed after work, i needed to get a couple miles in. and honestly, i actually felt a little better after my run. sometimes there is something about being active to kick a sickness. hopefully it will stay that way and i’ll be able to get back to normal by race day morning. and thankfully, my run last night felt so much better than on sunday, averaging a 9:17 minute pace for 1.7 miles. seems like my running legs are starting to come back, slowly, but i’ll take it. especially since i will need to start ramping up my training with the OUC half marathon coming up soon. i can’t believe that race is only just about a month away.

but in the meantime, let’s hope the cooler weather stays over the weekend for the u can finish 5 mile race. can’t wait to run around the beautiful ucf campus.

until next time

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