virtual running shorts


well, the running bug strikes again with runDisney just announcing their virtual running shorts series. and with training in full force for the wine & dine half marathon, keith and i thought this would be a great way to have a little fun and earn some sweet bling in the process. now you have the opportunity to sign up for the individual virtual running shorts ($39 each) OR sign up for the entire series ($142). we decided to go with the full virtual running shorts challenge.

runDisney virtual running shorts #1
yellow shoes
completion timeframe: may 15-june 1, 2016

runDisney virtual running shorts #2
red pants
completion timeframe: june 5-june 18, 2016

runDisney virtual running shorts #3
white glove
completion timeframe: june 19-june 30, 2016

runDisney virtual running shorts series
yellow shoes, red pants and white glove
completion timeframe: may 15-june 30, 2016

the entire running shorts series includes: 4 mickey finisher medals, a mickey tumbler and digital race bib. all you have to do is complete a 5k within the allotted date range in ANY location. so who’s with us in completing this runDisney summer running challenge?

learn more about the series here

don’t forget to share your experiences at #runDisneyShorts

happy training

4 Replies to “virtual running shorts”

  1. I definitely want to do the challenge, but I think my wallet will hate me after just signing up for the WDW Marathon Weekend. Might just do one race instead. Hard to pick between one. Have fun doing the series this summer!


    1. I had the same debate…first Wine & Dine, then WDW Half…definitely supporting runDisney. Good luck with your training. What are you running during WDW Marathon Weekend?


      1. I’m doing the WDW Half Marathon too actually! Had to do it. 20th anniversary! I bet the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend is so much fun. That weekend is on the bucket list.


      2. same, i couldn’t pass up on the 20th. i will post about wine & dine later this year (always been a bucket list of mine too). so i can give you all the in’s and out’s of the weekend 🙂

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